About us

Navigil Ltd designs, manufactures and sells tracking platforms that are amongst the most advanced in the world. Programmable, rebrandable and over-the-air updatable tracking devices provide a production ready white label solution for track and trace service providers.

Navigil saves your fortune with intelligent tracking: End users don’t have to resort to luck Solution’s time to market is short and predictable All this at a reasonable cost.

Embedded processing capability combined with low-power hardware design and intelligent sleep logic enables complex in-device calculations while minimizing battery drain, wireless data traffic and back-end processing. Innovative features include multi-dimensional geofencing with up to 1500 geofences calculated in-device.

With the unique software development kit (SDK), Navigil tracking devices are easily deployed in a variety of applications including personal safety, fleet management, vehicle black boxes, on-board diagnostics and insurance telematics.

Navigil is headquartered in Espoo, Finland. Navigil products are used in more than 30 countries. Navigil is a privately owned company.