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Activeness Statistics Enable Early Detection of Changes in Wellbeing
Stylish Wristwatch Packed with Mobile Phone, GPS provides Activity Statistics
Espoo, Finland – February 22, 2016 – Navigil, industry expert in white label wearable personal safety solutions, today unveiled a major extension to the capabilities of the S1 wristwatch and Rafael service and announced availability of new mini beacons.  These enable collection of statistics on wearer’s level of activity and regarding time spent in various rooms at home. The statistics can be used for big data mining purposes in order to identify changes in wearer’s daily activities indicating a forthcoming collapse in wearer’s wellbeing or difficult to reverse depression.
The Navigil Rafael service and S1 wristwatch are the market leading solution for wearable personal safety offering an unprecedented combination of innovative design, long battery life and affordability. The new S1 software feature collects and reports wearer’s level of activeness during the day. Reports show percentage of time split between very active, active and non-active states. This information can be used to unveil changes in wearer’s daily routines and significant changes in overall level of activity.
With the introduction of mini beacons the S1 now also collects and reports statistics of user’s whereabouts at home. Mini beacons can be placed in every room of the property. Power socket and battery operated versions are extremely easy to install. Statistics show percentage of time spent in each room or area. This new data reveals issues such as too frequent visits to the toilet and irregular sleeping patterns.
Statistics can be easily examined in Rafael service’s daily, weekly and monthly activity statistics views. The data is also available for big data applications via the Rafael API.
“The activity statistics is the next level of telecare. This is what our customers have been asking for in order to safeguard elderly people’s wellbeing and to minimize cost of care,” says Matti Räty, CEO at Navigil. “The increasing pressure on scarce care resource and facilities can be relieved by use of innovative technology. Analysis of activity statistics is a powerful method to early on identify elderly persons in risk of collapse of health or depression due to lack of exercise, poor sleep and urological problems.”
“Insurance companies and large care providers are actively looking into ways of improving their elderly customers’ quality of life while reducing cost of care. Elderly person’s condition can collapse due to lack of exercise, lack of contact with other persons or due to depression. It is vital to recognize this before changes are irreversible and care costs increase permanently to a much higher level.” says Mr. Raffaele Miglierina, International Senior Consulting and Management, MED – AEB Technologies, Italy. “Data mining activity statistics is a big data application which can be used to unveil persons in need of a diagnosis or corrective action program. Done early enough these significantly improve person’s wellbeing; minimize care costs and days spent in a hospital.”
Matti Räty, CEO, Navigil, matti.raty[at], +358 400 431 124
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Navigil is a leading developer of white label and OEM wearable personal safety services and devices to mobile network operators, telecare and lone worker safety providers. Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Navigil’s products are used in over 30 countries worldwide.