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Partner in Finland


Navigil Customers

  • Telecare service and solution providers
  • Telecom operators
  • Personal tracking solution suppliers

Our telecare solutions are available for purchase from our partners. These companies offer a range of services tailored to for example providing home care for senior citizens. At present, we are shipping in Finland through Stella and in the UK our partner is Health Alert 24.


Navigil S1 is the only product in the telecare market that has the features that our customers are now demanding from us. A watch is much more likely to be worn than current pendants and tracking devices.

– Mr. Mark Baker, Community Alarm Manager, Elmbridge Borough Council, UK –

Navigil S1 appears to have the features that our telecare customers have been asking for. None of the currently available solutions in the market have that match. We expect that our active customers will be pleased to wear a stylish wristwatch like S1 – they have been waiting for a device that doesn’t label them as a person in need of help. S1 is a powerful tool that enables us to strengthen our leading market position.

– Mr. Jan Stenberg, CDO, Stella Kotipalvelut Oy, Finland –
Benefits to customer

Fast time to revenue

  • Solution is ready
  • Easy to sell

Small size

  • Small battery requirement due to low power consumption
  • Embedded intelligence requires less wireless radio traffic

Easy to use

  • Effective Web-service for tracking, alarm and configuration management
  • Simple configurable user interface

Affordable cost

  • Cost effective volume production
  • Low data transmission cost due to embedded intelligence