Navigil will make money:
  • High corporate value: service based revenue stream
  • Differentiation: unique solutions
  • Easy to sell: good end user acceptance
  • Low technology risk: revenue earning solution
  • Moderate market risk: route to market and pricing verified
  • Market opportunity: large growing market in a disruptive change
  • Unique IP: Industry benchmark embedded intelligence
Navigil will make money:
About telecare:

An increasingly growing portion of aging population requires assistance in their day to day life. There is a constant lack of nursing and sheltered care resources. Growing number of dementia sufferers further draws on increasingly scarce resources. Timely assistance (provided within the so-called golden hour) to a trauma event significantly shortens the time spent in a hospital.

The average cost of one week in sheltered care is 700€.

The average cost of just one day at a hospital is 700 €.

Telecare (use of a phone that with an elderly person can alert a care provider) is widely recognized as the best solution to address the issues of resources and costs listed above.


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