S1 Mini beacons

Indoor location statistics

The mini beacons provide indoor locations information for  room by room statistics. The daily patterns of S1 user’s whereabouts by each room can be used to uncover a change is users condition. Preventive action can be taken prior increase of care cost due to collapse of user’s wellbeing.

Indoor location statistics
Easy to install

The mini beacons can be installed in a matter of minutes. The power socket mini beacon can by just inserted into the socket and it is operational. The waterproof battery operated beacon can be installed freely indoors. Just peal the liner of the adhesive provided with the mini beacon and stick it to a suitable location. After assigning the mini beacons to the S1 in the Rafael system the mini beacons are ready to use.

Easy to install
Optimized S1 battery life and minimize falls out of home alarms

The mini beacons can be used to make sure that the whole property is covered with beacon signal. This prevents false out of home alarms and minimizes S1 battery life by reducing power consumption used the GPS receiver.

Optimized S1 battery life and minimize falls out of home alarms
Key features

Enables room by room dimension in at home statistics
Extends beacon coverage to whole property
Maximizes S1 battery life
Reduces risk of false home beacon alarms
Easy peal and stick or plug in installation
Long battery life

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