S1 smart watch
Wristwatch with phone and GPS

The stylishly designed S1 is wearable watch phone with GPS/GLONASS. It can be worn just as a normal wristwatch with no concern of it being recognized as personal safety device. You can easily make an alarm call by single push of a button and make normal calls or receive phone calls. S1 sends location and battery alarms automatically. The S1 can be easily charged using the charging dock in the home beacon. By selecting a profile the S1 user interface is easily adapted for persons with poor dexterity, fully abled lone workers and for those suffering from dementia.

Wristwatch with phone and GPS
Intelligent solution

The S1 is compact device featuring analog watch, GSM phone and GPS/GLONASS tracker functionalities. The S1 software is easily over-the-air configurable and upgradeable and integrated with the Rafael service. S1 has industry benchmark embedded geofence functionality including support for up to 1500 polygon geofences with time, speed and direction attributes.

Intelligent solution
Long Battery Life

Due to advanced power saving modes of the hardware and intelligent power management of the firmware, the S1 can operate up to a week on a single charge while being always registered to the GSM network and sending periodic reports. In tracking mode location reporting interval is adaptive based on detected end user activity level. S1 can be easily charged even by persons with poor dexterity using a charging dock.

Long Battery Life
Key Features

Aestethically pleasing wristwatch format with normal hour and minute arms
Hidden OLED display, visible only when required by operation
3D-accelerometer, support for wireless sensors
Automatic location alarms
GSM/GPRS/2G phone
GPS/GLONASS location
Long battery life
Intelligent emergency call routing service
Web browser based location and management service
OTA (over the air) parameter and firmware updates
Industry benchmark geofence functionality

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