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Third revision of the S1 mobile safety wristwatch released

The benchmark got better – new service and device features enhance the lead.

Barcelona, March 2nd 2015, Navigil Ltd, a leading developer and manufacturer of wearable personal safety devices and solutions, is pleased to announce the latest revision to the unique telecare platform consisting of the S1 smartwatch and Rafael cloud service. Today’s revision is another leap ahead in terms of the platform’s functional features as well as technical performance of the device.

New Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services. The Rafael platform now includes a comprehensive IVR suite. Rafael can now send notification messages and make notification calls to caregivers using the interactive voice response system. The use of the IVR system ensures that help request calls never end up in a voice mail. Caregivers can easily enable the IVR system using the Rafael service.

New Ultra-low-power Mode. Power optimization is of paramount importance for wearable everyday devices. In the new Ultra-Low-Power (ULP) Mode the S1 activates the mobile communication module only when user wishes to make a call or when system generated reports need to be sent, further enhancing the already exceptional performance of the S1. This mode extends the battery recharge cycle up to three months.

New tracking modes. The S1 now has two new location and tracking reporting modes: Emergency Tracking (EMT) mode and Adapative Activity Tracking (AAT) mode. In the EMT mode the S1 uses all available means to acquire and report location of the wearer. In the AAT mode the S1 saves power by adapting the report interval based on detected activity level of the wearer. In AAT mode reporting interval can vary between two minutes and six hours. The good signal conditions the GNSS receiver is turned off in between reports. These modes can be easily activated using the Rafael service.

New bezel design. Together with the latest release of the new software features, Navigil is expanding the S1 design portfolio as well. From today, the watch is available with a new design option named “Atlantic 3”. This permits OEM partners to further customize their offering according to their own brands and target segments.

Combined, today’s announcements serve to further increase the performance and flexibility of the world’s most advanced and comprehensive telecare platform. All of these functional updates can be effortlessly performed to all of the S1 devices deployed over the world with the unparalleled convenience of the OTA (“over the air”) update system. The device is currently available for consumer use through Navigil’s partners in the UK and in Finland.

For further information contact Matti Räty, CEO, Navigil, matti.raty[at], +358 400 431 124.

About Navigil
Navigil is a white label and OEM provider of wearable personal safety devices and services. These solutions are target at telecare, telehealth and lone worker markets. Navigil’s customers are telecare service providers and mobile network operators. Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Navigil’s products are used in over 30 countries worldwide.