Emergency SOS call

With a press of one button the user can make an instant emergency call. The Navigil S1 watch phone makes a call to preset numbers and sends location information of the user. The S1 is always on and enables fast two way voice call and intelligence call routing and handling on mobile network level. Selected caretakers can also make calls to person. Caretaker can manage preset numbers in the Navigil Rafael service and in the event of an emergency locate the user with a web or mobile interface.

Geofence alarm function

The Navigil S1 emergency watch phone has integrated GPS and mobile phone with geofence functions. When leaving the home the S1 watch recognizes that person has exit home and turns on GPS tracking. Watch sends an alarm to caretaker when the person has left the safe zone. Caretaker can use web and mobile phone to locate the person in real time.

Navigil S1 user testimonial

Jussi 85 years

I am very pleased and most importantly relieved that help is always available.

Make a voice call

The Navigil S1 watch phone works like a normal phone and can be used to make an emergency SOS call or a normal phone call. User can make a call to caretaker or relatives to request help for day to day tasks. The S1 battery lasts for several days and can be used anywhere.