Use case scenario:
Elderly female suffering dementia doesn’t know where she has been

Mary is 83 and lives at home. She has been diagnosed with early stage dementia but with the help of carers visiting several times a day she is just managing to maintain her independence.

Her care company has given her a Navigil wristwatch to make sure that if she goes out and won’t come back home on time carers can check her location and pick her up.

One day Mary calls to her daughter Lisa and tells that her car is stolen. Mary claims that she has not been driving her car in past two days. Lisa tells Mary that she will check from police and will get back to her. Lisa knows that her mother has lost her memory a couple of times because of dementia and she will first check mother’s locations in past two days.

Lisa opens internet and login to Navigil service and finds out that Mary has been 10 km away from home yesterday morning. She also noted that Mary has been in one location over one hour. Lisa decided to go to that address and check if Mary has driven her car there. Once Lisa is in the location she finds Mary’s car and it turns out that Mary has driven there yesterday and has come back home by taxi.