Use case scenario:
Elderly female suffering dementia and doesn’t know where she is

Mary is 83 and lives at home. She has been diagnosed with early stage dementia but with the help of carers visiting several times a day is just managing to maintain her independence.

Her care company has given her a Navigil wristwatch to make sure that if she goes out and hasn’t come back home on time, either her carers or her daughter Lisa can check her location and pick her up.

One day Mary is not home when Lisa comes to visit her. Lisa calls to her husband Jack and asks him to check via the website where Mary is. Jack gives a street address to Lisa. She goes to a park close to Mary’s home where finds Mary sitting on a bench wondering how she can get home.

Mary was just inside the geofenced area that she was supposed to know well, but was still lost. Lisa discusses with the carers whether the geofenced area needs to be revised as Mary’s dementia worsens.