Use case:
Hannu takes daily walks alone to the nearby forest with carer’s confidence


Hannu is 62 years old man with Down syndrome. He can easily move alone in the neighborhood because of a good understanding of places and routes. But perceiving time and distance is very difficult for him.

Hannu’s carer, his sister Raija, has several times spent hours with great concern when Hannu’s walks have been extended. She has driven by car around the forest and to the nearby town, and also called to neighbours to find Hannu. You never know if he has fallen down or something else has happened...

2 years ago Hannu got a Navigil wristwatch, which he is very proud of and always keen to use when outside home.

If Hannu’s walk lasts too long, Raija makes a call to his watch to ask him turn back home.

If needed Hannu can make a SOS call to the call centre, from where he gets a friendly answer and reliable help.

‘I’m so relieved and happy to recommend the Navigil wristwatch and wouldn’t give it away for any reason. Hannu is also eager to wear the neat watch’’, says Hannu’s sister.