Use case scenario:
User is requesting help from home care company because he is lost


Thomas is 75 years and lives at home. He has been diagnosed with early stage dementia but with the help of carers visiting several times a week he is just managing to maintain his independence.

His home care company has given him a Navigil wristwatch so that in case of emergency Thomas can raise an alarm and care company can make daily calls to Thomas to check that everything is all right.

John who is working for care company is sitting in a monitoring room where he has PC screen with Navigil web tool. Some minutes ago Thomas called care company via Navigil wristwatch and requested help because he was lost.

Care company sent a car to the location that was identified via Navigil web tool. After 30 min care company car calls John and tells that Thomas is not in the location that was communicated to them. John tells a new location that is two blocks away from the current location. Care company car drives to the new location and finds Thomas there.