Use case:
Rolf could live one year longer at home by wearing the wristwatch

Rolf had weak muscles because of former disease. When becoming old and unstable, he could not get up without help if he fell. He had a phone with an alarm button on, but when he started to forget to take the phone with him, he was helpless after falling, both indoor and outdoor.

Rolf was 80 years old and had an incipient dementia when he started to use the safety wristwatch. He was still able to learn that he should push the button when he needed help. When experiencing that he got help after pushing it, he wanted to wear the watch all the time.

Occasionally Rolf left his home and got lost. His daughter found him by using the location function in the Navigil service and brought him safely home.

These functions allowed Rolf to stay at home one year longer before he moved to a nursing home.

For him, living at home meant better quality of life.
For the community, the saving was significant when comparing home care and nursing home costs.