Use case:
Rolf wanted to feel safe and use the wristwatch also in the nursing home


Rolf, 80+ years and suffering dementia, left his Navigil wristwatch at home when he moved to the nursing home. After a scaring experience, where he was lying alone on the floor for a long time before getting help, he wanted to get his watch back.

The nursing home agreed, that he could use his private wristwatch. It took a while before he understood why a nurse came to help him instead of his relatives, but however he was relieved of getting help.

Rolf had also some sleeping problems and the doctor prescribed sleeping pills to him. Rolf’s daughter showed the doctor the activity log from the wristwatch. He was very impressed that he could see Rolf’s good response to the medicine in the log. The doctor also found that if Rolf was awake despite of sleeping pills, he needed more pain relief.

The doctor was impressed of the Navigil wristwatch. Many of his patients have dementia and they are not able to tell if they have pain or if they are awake during the night. The wristwatch would really be useful for this group of patients.

At the nursing home, tracking of the activity and sleeping pattern was useful for following up Rolf's sleeping  and probably pain, as well.