Mini beacons

Enables user activity statistics and accurate out of home alarms!

Easy to deploy mini beacons enable statistics of users daily routines at home, minimize likelihood of false out of home alarms and maximize Navigil S1/S3 battery life.

Easy to deploy

Mini beacons are easy to install. AC power outlet mini beacon is just inserted into a power socket and it is ready to use. Coin battery operated mini beacons come with an adhesive - peal and stick installation takes only seconds.

Accurate out of home alarms 

It is vital to know that a dementia sufferer is safely at home. Mini beacons can be used to ensure that the whole property  has beacon signal available. This will minimize the likelihood of false out of home alarms. It will also maximize device battery life by optimising power consumption indoors.



Activity reporting

Changes in an elderly person’s daily routines can indicate a need for a more detailed diagnosis in order to prevent a collapse in one’s condition. Navigil S1/S3 collects and reports user’s level of activeness during the day. Statistics reports shows percentage of time split between very active, active and non-active states.

Detailed at home statistics

Changes in the daily routines can be detected from the reports which show user’s whereabouts at home during a day. Mini beacons can be placed in each room of the property including the toilet. Statistics show percentage of time split between each room or area. Statistics can reveal symptoms such as frequent visits to the toilet and irregular sleeping patterns.

Statistics are reported in conjunction of other device generated reports in order to minimize the overall power consumption. The granularity of the reporting can be adjusted in the configuration. The activity and at home reports can be passed onto other servers for big data purposes including data mining to identify users in need of corrective actions to avoid costly collapse of user’s health or emerging depression.




Enables a room by room dimension in at home statistics

• Extends beacon coverage to whole property
• Maximizes S1/S3 battery life
• Reduces risk of false home beacon alarms
• Easy peal and stick or plug in installation
• Long battery life


Key features

• Easy to install
• Extend home beacon coverage to whole property to avoid false home beacon alarms
• Enables room by room at home statistics
• Long battery life (coin battery operated version)
• Waterproof (coin battery operated version)
• Easily replaceable battery (coin battery operated version)
• Optimizes Navigil S1/S3 battery life indoors