GPS wristwatch tracker for dementia and Alzheimer’s sufferers!

The Navigil S3 wristwatch is designed for those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. It enables extended independent and safe living at home. Cost of sheltered care is typically 1.000 Euros per week - the S3 pays for itself in a few days while providing peace of mind.

Easy to deploy

Navigil S3 comes with a SIM card pre-installed. Just draw a safe zone, define alarm recipient phone numbers and define alarm routing - the S3 is ready to go. Two user profiles are available for wearers: AUTO profile for persons who may be able to call for help themselves and TRACK profile for others. Navigil S3 will send automatic location alarms when the wearer leaves the range of the home beacons and/or when the wearer exits the safe zone. With auto profile wearer can make SOS calls. Navigil S3 automatically answers phone calls from defined numbers. Alarm notification calls can be routed using a calendar based caregiver availability schedule.


Intelligent adaptive tracking with safe zones

Navigil S3 has industry benchmark adaptive tracking with safe zone functionality. Safe zones can be defined as polygons or as circles. Each safe zone can be associated with a weekly validity period. A safe zone considered always safe can be the home with beacon signal coverage, during day time a larger geographical area and once per week an even larger area safe to enable visits a recurring events. Rather than sending location reports at slow fixed intervals the Navigil S3 adapts the reporting interval based on wearer’s level of activity. The location is updated at one, two or thirty minute intervals based on state of movement and type of tracking.

Long battery life

Due to advanced power saving modes of the hardware, beacon functionality and intelligent power management in the firmware, Navigil S3 can operate several days on a single charge while being always reachable by phone and while sending periodic status, wearer activity and location reports. Typical battery life is three days in normal GSM network conditions when the watch wearer is up to two hours per day outside of home beacon range.



GPS/GLONASS location

• Home and safe zone exit alarms
• Long battery life
• Home beacon indoor location
• Locking strap buckle
• 3G/GSM phone
• Wearer activity statistics


Key features

• Status of wearer’s location: at home or GPS location
• Alarm out of beacon range and safe zone exits
• Activity statistics can be used to identify changes in wearer’s daily routines