S3 Lone Worker Safety Wristwatch

Easy to use SOS wristwatch phone!

The Navigil S3 wristwatch has been designed for lone workers who may face a situation where they need help during their work day.

Get help in an emergency

The mobile phone function of the Navigil S3 can be used to make amber alert call in order to make a preannouncement call to record forthcoming entry to a dangerous location and to make a red alert call to get help in an emergency. Possibility to call for help significantly increases worker safety and reduces accident related sick days.

Location tracking outdoors and indoors

GPS/GLONASS receiver in Navigil S3 is used outdoors to determine the location of the lone worker. Tracking can be either continuous or only when worker makes a red alert call. Beacons can be used to provide accurate indoor location without use of amber alert calls. A-GPS support enables GPS receiver to acquire location information very fast and even in challenging conditions. Beacons can be used to define zones
or used individually to pinpoint wristwatch’s location with 10 - 30 metre accuracy in good GPS satellite availability conditions. Beacons can be also used to mark no entry danger zones causing immediate alarm upon entry.



Easy to deploy

Navigil S3 comes with a SIM card pre-installed - simply select appropriate wearer profile and configure the phone numbers and the S3 is ready to go. Navigil S3 has profiles and configurations for various type of use cases. Richness of the user interface and default settings for each use case can be defined in a configuration. All configurations are enabled to receive phone calls from white listed phone numbers.

System integration 

Navigil Rafael service APIs be used to enable communication with workforce management and alarm receiving centre software solutions. Alarms and warnings can be sent via voice call, e-mail, SMS, IP and SCAIP channels.

3G/2G phone in an analog wristwatch

• Single button SOS call
• Man down alarm
• No movement alarm
• GPS and beacon indoor location
• Battery low and critical alarms
• Long battery life

Key features

• Red alert call with single push of a button
• Amber alert call
• Emergency location report