S3 Mobile Telecare Wristwatch

Stylish SOS phone in a wristwatch!

Navigil S3 wristwatch has been designed for elderly persons who may need assistance in order to live indepedently at home.

Get help in an emergency

The mobile phone function in Navigil S3 can be used to make a help request call and to get help within the golden hour in an emergency. Navigil S3 can also automatically make an alarm if the wearer is immobile during the day for an extended period of time. Timely help can save weeks of time in hospital while improving patient outcome. Help is just one press of a button away.

Blended care model - optimal use of resources

Navigil Rafael service provides a secure way of routing help request calls and notifications among caregivers and the professional Alarm Receiving Centre. Family and friends can be the first line of support and in their absence the 24/7 alarm receiving centre is contacted. In the Rafael service the sequence of actions can be defined for each type of alarm and
warning. Navigil Rafael service provides caregives means to define the help request and notification routing settings by themselves. This blended care model enables optimal use of scarce care resources.


Easy to deploy

Navigil S3 comes with a SIM card pre-installed - simply select appropriate wearer profile and configure the phone numbers and Navigil S3 is ready to go. Navigil S3 has profiles for various type of wearers. Richness of the user interface in each profile is matched to the dexterity and capabilities of the wearer. All profiles are enabled to receive phone calls. Navigil S3 can operate up to a week on a single charge while being always registered to the mobile network and sending periodic reports.

Cost effective

Navigil S3 and Rafael service can save significant amounts of money while providing peace of mind to caregivers. Navigil S3 pays for itself in a few days.



3G/2G phone in an analog wristwatch

• Single button SOS call with location
• No movement alarm
• Long battery life
• Battery low and battery critical alarms
• Wearer activity statistics
• Monitor changes in level of activity


Key features

• SOS call with single push of a button
• Emergency location report
• Automatic immobility alarm