S3 Mobile Wellbeing Wristwatch

Stylish activity tracker and SOS phone in a wristwatch!


Navigil S3 wristwatch has been designed for elderly persons who wish to stay active and keep track of their wellbeing. As a by-product of the activity monitoring changes in the daily activity level and pattern can be detected and corrective actions can be taken prior to the deteoriration of wearer’s condition.

Detect changes in level of activity and routines

Navigil S3 display shows the level of achievent of the daily activity target to the wearers. They can monitor their weekly and monthly results in the Rafael service. The activity reports show when the wearer is either in a very active, active or non-active state in addition to the location data.

Integration with BIG DATA analytics

Navigil Rafael system has a M2M JSON API that can be used to pass the activity and location data to an external analytics processing server. The activity reports can be used to identify persons whose level of activity or daily routines are changing. Typically short term changes such as poor
quality of sleep, gradually later start of the day and dramatical changes in daily level of activity are clear indicators of change in wearer’s wellbeing. Similarly gradual changes for th worse over a longer period of time indicate changes in wellbeing. Early detection of changes enable predictive care actions to be taken that can save billions of euros in social and health care costs.



Easy to deploy

Navigil S3 comes with a SIM card pre-installed - simply select appropriate wearer profile and configure the phone numbers and Navigil S3 is ready to go. Navigil S3 has profiles for various type of wearers. Richness of the user interface in each profile is matched to the dexterity and capabilities of the wearer. All profiles are enabled to receive phone calls. Due to advanced power saving modes of the hardware and intelligent power management, Navigil S3 can operate up to a week on a single charge while being always registered to the mobile network and sending periodic reports.


Wearer activity statistics

• Monitor changes in level of activity
• Daily routine statistics
• 3G/2G phone in an analog wristwatch
• Single button SOS call with location
• Battery low and battery critical alarms
• Long battery life


Key features

• Shows daily activity level in S3 display
• Activity statistics for level of activity and at home by area
• Integration to BIG DATA analytics