S3 Personal Safety Wristwatch for cognitively impaired persons

Wristwatch phone and tracker for cognitively impaired persons!

The Navigil S3 wristwatch has been designed for persons who may face a situation where they need help in order to manage their daily life independently. Wristwatch wearer can safely go about with the knowledge that caregivers are only one phone call away. Caregivers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the loved one is always reachable and if necessary locatable using the Navigil S3.

Stay in touch

Navigil S3 can receive calls from white listed phone numbers using the inbuild speaker and microphone. The
incoming calls can be automatically answered by the S3 if required. Wristwatch user can also make help request calls to a list of family and friends. Wristwatch users who have good dexterity can also make normal phone calls to persons in the white list.

Detect changes in level of activity and routines

Detect changes in level of activity and routines Activity reports can be used to identify persons whose level of activity or daily routines are changing. This enables implementation of preventive actions that improve wearer’s quality of life while providing peace of mind to caregivers.



Location tracking outdoors and indoors

Outdoors Navigil S3 uses a GPS receiver to determine the location of wristwatch wearer. Tracking can be either continuous or only when the watch wearer requires help. Beacons can be used to provide accurate indoor location. A-GPS support enables GPS receiver to acquire location information very fast and even in challenging conditions. Safe zones can be used to alert family members of watch wearer’s exit from the area considered safe.

Easy to deploy

Navigil S3 comes with a SIM card pre-installed - simply configure the phone numbers and Navigil S3 is ready to go. Navigil S3 has profiles and configurations for various type of use cases. Richness of the user interface and default settings for each use case can be defined in a configuration.



3G/2G phone in an analog wristwatch

• Single button SOS call with location
• No movement alarm
• GPS and beacon indoor location
• Safe zone exit alarm
• Battery low and critical alarms
• Long battery life


Key features

• Mobile phone with speaker and microphone
• Status of wearer’s location: at home or GPS location
• Alarm on of beacon range and safe zone exits
• Activity statistics can be used to identify changes in wearer’s daily routines