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Several use cases


Navigil wellness wristwatches and service have user profiles for different needs covering dementia, elderly with long term conditions, active elderly, cognitively impaired persons and lone workers.


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Older adults

Wellbeing meets good looking


The better you feel, the better you look. Confidence is a beautiful thing. With Navigil 580 wellness wristwatch you have a faithful companion that looks after your wellbeing.


Age is not what it used to be


As we know, 60 is the new 50 and a rolling stone does not cover moss. Navigil 580 ensures a longer active and independent life. The better you feel, the better you look.


The art of making new memories


Navigil’s wellness wristwatch and service create a shared safety network connecting the user, family, friends and the trusted healthcare provider. The concept ensures extended and independent living at home resulting in considerable savings and creating a peace of mind.

Cognitively impaired

The wrist held life manager


Navigil’s service alerts a member of the caretaker “clan” if there is an emergency or a change in overall wellbeing. In addition, Navigil’s service and wristwatch create a private communication hub for instant voice calls whenever needed.

Lone workers

The less risky business


The risks of working alone can be minimized by using Navigil’s  service and wristwatch. One button emergency call function and location tracking ensure that help is closer even in distant locations. Increased worker safety reduces accident related sick days.