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The new face of smarter living


Navigil wristwatches and service are designed for persons who wish to keep tabs on their own wellbeing, share this information with family and for persons who may need assistance in their day-to-day life. It provides advanced automatic safety features and a 24/7 voice connection to family and friends and optionally to professional emergency services.

Product key features


Navigil 580 is so much more than just a smashingly good looking wristwatch.

The visible part of Navigil’s solution is a smart design wristwatch – a discreet personal guardian. It connects you to an advanced SaaS wellness and communication service as well as your family and friends.

One button alert
Alert help

One button
emergency call


Call for help in an emergency in pressing one button. Automatic alert in case of fall or loss of consciousness. Voice connection to family or professional help.


Safety zones

Safe & independent freedom


Easily defined and edited safe zones on the map. Automatic alert and location information when leaving home and when exiting the safe zone. Voice connection for help and advice.


Respiratory rate

Take a deep breath


Navigil 580 monitors activity level and respiratory rate. Level of activity and heart rate in relation to respiratory rate are among the most important indicators of a person’s health and wellbeing.


Heart rate monitoring & HR variability

Feeling good at 65 bpm


Navigil 580 measures wearer’s heart rate during daily activities and resting heart rate during the night. Sends notifications to caregivers if abnormal values are detected or long term trends show adverse results.



Activity monitoring

Like a walk in the park


Activity is essential for long time wellbeing. Constant monitoring of light exercise, managing daily chores to periods of inactivity. Sudden changes in long term activity patterns are analyzed by the Navigil Service and the appropriate alert is then sent to caregivers.

Body temperature variations

Such a lovely temperature


Monitoring variations of the user’s body temperature is of great value when crossmatched with activity level and respiratory rate information. The Navigil Service and Navigil 580 provides cues for optimal time window to go to bed.

Circadian cycle tracking

Getting the Zzzz’z right


A good night’s sleep is the key to a host of health benefits. Deviations in the circadian cycle, combined with additional data acquired by Navigil 580 can be used to detect stress, depression and to enable early warning on wellbeing risks in advance.

Long battery life

Charged for wellness


Due to advanced power saving modes of the hardware and intelligent power management in the firmware, Navigil 580 can operate several weeks on a single charge while being always reachable by phone. Typical battery life is up to four weeks in normal 4G network conditions.

Alert and notification service

The smartest route for help


A predetermined calendar controlled help request call sequence with backup if family members are not reachable. This smart notification service ensures that the messages get through, when emergency calls.

Colour options

Additional products


Mini beacons

The mini beacons provide at home / out of home information of dementia patients in addition to optimizing Navigil wristwatch battery life. The mini beacons additionally provide indoor locations information for room by room statistics. The daily patterns of Navigil wristwatch user’s whereabouts by each room can be used to uncover a change in user condition. Preventive action can be taken prior increase of care cost due to collapse of user’s wellbeing.



Navigil offers different strap options including a lockable dementia straps and elastic straps.