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Navigil logo

Navigil is headquartered in Espoo, Finland, and is a privately owned company. Navigil products are used in more than 30 countries.

Wellness wristwatch

Navigil 580


is a perfect solution for persons wishing to live an independent life. The discreet analog wristwatch doesn’t label wearers as persons in need of help. The LTE phone, GPS location and activity monitoring features enable calling for help with a single push of a button and locating wandering dementia sufferers quickly as well as early alert on worrisome long term wellbeing trends.

Our values

Customer focus • Innovation • Respect



Our mission

Share and care – Enable extended safe independent living at home while safeguarding quality of life, providing peace of mind and saving costs.

Our vision

Navigil is a caring company that provides industry benchmark services and wearable wellness products used by active elderly but also older adults needing support. Wearable product users are supported by family and friends as well as professional care providers.

Navigil’s customers are leading telehealthcare providers as well as B2C channel players including mobile operators, insurance companies and wellbeing device brands. Profitable recurring service revenue is main element in enterprise value growth.


Navigil empathic engineering effort is focused on providing high quality products and services. Navigil uses ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified EMS partners.

Navigil product and service architecture has been designed with high availability and safety in mind.

Sourcing and suppliers

Navigil’s production and quality department have a long history of sourcing high quality and ultra-low power components as well as selecting and working with manufacturing partners.

We prioritize high quality and reliability before other procurement features, and use components with second sources, where it is feasible. Navigil is committed to a long term win-win relationship with our partners.


Data protection

The personal data in Navigil’s systems is handled according to GDPR rules. The data in Navigil cloud servers is encrypted, communication is done over secure VPN tunnels using redundant private APNs.


Navigil was founded in 2010. The acquisition of Fastrax’ track & trace business in 2011 started the journey to become one of leading providers of wearable telecare products and services.

World’s smallest analog wristwatch, Navigil S1 with GSM mobile phone and GPS location features supported by Navigil Rafael services was launched in September 2014. Despite of the smallest footprint the Navigil S1 has one of the longest battery life in the market. Two leading EU telecare providers use Navigil technology.

The second generation analog telecare wristwatch S3 was launched in February 2018. The third generation analog wellness wristwatch was announced in June 2019 together with second generation Navigil Service.

Navigil solutions are being used in 30 countries around the world.

In co-operation

Board members

Matti Räty
President/CEO and Founder

Matti Räty has 30 years high tech business experience including the management of design and manufacture of portable GPS and GSM tracking devices while working as the President / CEO of Fastrax. He has extensive international sales and marketing experience with Xerox and Ericsson. He has lived and worked in the UK, USA and Finland and conducted business in USA, Europe and the Far East.

Tuomas Kurki
Chairman of the Board

Tuomas Kurki is a long-term entrepreneur in technology sector. Last years he has solely focused on acting as an investor. He has responsibilities in several Boards of Directors.

Eero Punkka
Member of the Board

Eero Punkka is a member of the Navigil Board. Previously, he has worked as CTO of Suunto Oy and Head of Research Area at VTT.

He has a degree of Doctor of Technology from Helsinki University of Technology.

Dan Colliander
Member of the Board

Dan Colliander has operated and managed businesses on most continents, worked in B2B and consumer markets (FMCG) in both the high tech and industrial business for large and small corporations.