Live longer at home and save costs

Home and safe zone exit alarms, beacon and GPS location


Safe independent living at home

Call for and get help in emergency using blended care model


Detect changes in activity level

Preventive care plan prior to deterioration of condition


Communicate and locate easily

Stay in touch with a stylish wristwatch mobile phone


Get help in emergency

One button SOS call and GPS location


Get help in emergency

One button SOS call, automatic man down alarm



Solutions for your demand

Rafael web service

Navigil seamlessly integrated white label SaaS Rafael services for the S3 and S1 wristwatches. Services include mobile data and voice communication services with industry benchmark SOS call and notification routing; wristwatch location and management services; and APIs for integration with alarm receiving centre and data analytics services.

Mini beacons

The mini beacons provide at home / out of home information of dementia sufferers in addition to optimising Navigil S3 and S1 battery life. The mini beacons additionally provide indoor locations information for room by room statistics. The daily patterns of S1 and S3 user’s whereabouts by each room can be used to uncover a change in users condition. Preventive action can be taken prior increase of care cost due to collapse of user’s wellbeing.

S3 wristwatches

S3 wristwatches have profiles for several use cases including dementia sufferers, elderly with long term conditions, active elderly, cognitive impaired persons, and lone workers.

S3 Dementia
S3 Elderly
S3 Wellbeing
S3 Cognitively Impaired
S3 Lone Worker


Navigil offers for the S1 and S3 different strap options including a lockable dementia straps and elastic straps.

S1 wristwatch

Navigil S1 is a perfect solution for elderly wishing to live independently at home. The discreet analog wristwatch doesn’t label wearers as persons in need of help. The GSM phone, GPS location and activity monitoring features enable calling for help with a single push of a button and locating wandering dementia sufferers quickly.

Support material

Here you can find the support material for Navigil products and services.


Navigil is headquartered in Espoo, Finland, and is a privately owned company. Navigil products are used in more than 30 countries.

Our mission

Enable extended safe independent living at home while improving quality of life, providing peace of mind and saving costs.


Navigil is focused on providing high quality products and services. Navigil uses ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified EMS partners. Navigil product and service architecture has been designed with security and safety in mind.

Our vision

Our customers grow faster than the market and Navigil has financials means to invest into personnel, product development and growth.

Sourcing and suppliers

Navigil's production and quality department have a long history of sourcing and procurement worldwide. We prioritise first high quality and then other procurement features, like second source part if it is possible.

Our values

Customer focus

Data protection

The personal data of users in Navigil's systems is handled according to GDPR rules. The Navigil cloud servers are inside a mobile operator grade firewall co-located with the mobile phone network core elements.


Navigil was founded in 2010. The acquisition of Fastrax’ track & trace business in 2011 started the journey to become one of leading providers of wearable telecare products and services. World’s smallest analog wristwatch Navigil S1 with GSM mobile phone and GPS location features supported by Navigil Rafael services was launched in September 2014. Despite of the smallest footprint the Navigil S1 has one of the longest battery life in the market. Two out of three leading EU telecare providers use Navigil technology. The second generation analog telecare wristwatch S3 has been launched in February 2018. Navigil solutions are being used in 30 countries around the world.


People behind Navigil

+358 40 043 1124‬

Matti Räty

President/CEO and Founder

Matti Räty has 30 years high tech business experience including the management of design and manufacture of portable GPS and GSM tracking devices while working as the President / CEO of Fastrax. He has extensive international sales and marketing experience with Xerox and Ericsson. He has lived and worked in the UK, USA and Finland and conducted business in USA, Europe and the Far East.

+358 50 552 4667

Heidi Lehtinen

VP, Sales & Marketing

Heidi Lehtinen has 20 years of experience in health technology business and 7 years in teleoperator business. She has worked in global and local markets by being responsible from product development and marketing to after sales business. Customers have mainly been hospitals, sheltered homes, home care providers and consumers. She has lived and worked in Finland and in USA and conducted business in Europe, USA and the Far East.


support [at]


We are very passionate and enthusiastic about our products. We are equally dedicated to supporting our customers. Time to Market is critical – solving issues is a high priority to us.

Support material

+358 40 568 0715

Lena Tiainen

Executive Assistant

Lena Tiainen has been working for 30 years in exports and has wide experience of versatile office and assistant jobs.

+44 7772 777770

Mike Hemmings

Country Manager, UK and Ireland

Mike Hemmings is an experienced Executive with over 25-years senior management focus within the global Telematics sector.

As a past Director of MetaSystem, one of the world's leading design-manufacturers of Telematics devices, and Managing Director of Octo UK, a global leading Telematics Service Provider; Mike brings with him a wealth of experience spanning the Corporate B2B space.

+39 347 578 2956

Michele Rosati

Country Manager, Italy

Michele Rosati has 15 years of experience in the Automotive sector with specific focus into the telematics products and services.

He is specialized in building distribution networks giving continuous support to the customers on the basis of their specific requirements; his purpose is always to create the commercial and technical conditions necessary to satisfy the customer and generate a mutually profitable activity based on trust, competence, professionality and determination.

+49 172 421 5672


Country Manager, Germany

Carsten Röß is an experienced expert with over 20 years of experience in the German healthcare market and over 10 years of experience in the B2B business.

As a former deputy board member of a health insurance company, a key account manager for health insurance co-operations and as a self-employed multimedia consultant; brings Carsten a large and broad experience for the B2B business.

+1 (214) 738 - 7230

Bill Geiser

General Manager,  North America

With over 20 years of experience, Bill Geiser is valued as an innovator, leader and catalyst for growth in the wearable technology and connected devices sectors.

He led teams that have developed & launched more than 75 ‘smart & connected’ wearable SKU’s for 17 major watch, active lifestyle and technology brands including Fossil Group, Movado Group, Titan, Microsoft, Sony Ericsson, adidas, Speedo, Meta Watch and HP.  As an entrepreneur, he founded & sold two start-up companies to publicly-traded corporations.

Geiser has managed teams in the US & Europe and has deep experience in product development, product management, distribution, developing partner ecosystems, operations and marketing.

+358 50 501 7467

Tapio Selby

Manager, Devices

Tapio Selby is in charge of device development including embedded software at Navigil. Tapio previously worked at Suunto for over 10 years and before Suunto, he was Senior Design Engineer at Nokia.

He is experienced in systems management, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), consumer electronics, management, product innovation, and PDM.

+358 50 552 0660

Jari Huuskonen

Manager, Services

Jari Huuskonen has 25 years of experience of building and managing dynamic web applications and customised database solutions. He has been pioneering the progress of web apps to several major companies in Finland. He has been in several startups as well as building an ERP solution for event and marketing industry in Finland.

The Board


Tuomas Kurki

Chairman of the Board

Tuomas Kurki is a long-term entrepreneur in technology sector.

Last years he has solely focused on acting as an investor. He has responsibilities in several Boards of Directors.

+358 50 369 9540

Eero Punkka

Member of the Board

Eero Punkka is a member of the Navigil Board.  Previously, he has worked as CTO of Suunto Oy and Head of Research Area at VTT. 

He has a degree of Doctor of Technology from Helsinki University of Technology.

+358 40 043 1124‬

Matti Räty

Member of the Board
President/CEO and Founder of Navigil Ltd.

Matti Räty has 30 years high tech business experience including the management of design and manufacture of portable GPS and GSM tracking devices while working as the President / CEO of Fastrax. He has extensive international sales and marketing experience with Xerox and Ericsson. He has lived and worked in the UK, USA and Finland and conducted business in USA, Europe and the Far East.




Use cases, scenarios and how to use videos


Leather metres used for watch straps

1 300 000+

Locations recorded monthly


Kg Fazer chocolate eaten in MWC


Person-years of development work


Thinnest screws used in millimetres


Navigil S1 is the only product in the telecare market that has the features that our customers are now demanding from us. A watch is much more likely to be worn than current pendants and tracking devices.

Mr. Mark Baker

Community Alarm Manager, Elmbridge Borough Council, UK
Navigil S1 has the features that our telecare customers have been asking for. We´re happy to deliver today several hundred units these for-runner devices. We haven´t found similar or close by solutions to support our customer´s wellbeing and security at that extent than it is possible by Navigil products. We expect that our active customers will be pleased to wear a stylish wristwatch like S1 – they have been waiting for a device that doesn’t label them as a person in need of help. S1 is a powerful tool that enables us to strengthen our leading market position in the area of data-driven secured and wellbeing homecare.

Mr. Aki Kuivalainen

CBO, Stella Kotipalvelut Oy, Finland
I’m so relieved and happy to recommend the Navigil wristwatch and wouldn’t give it away for any reason. Hannu is also eager to wear the neat watch.

Mrs. Raija Eskelinen

Hannu's sister and carer
Hannu has Down syndrome


Latest news about Navigil and the products

Latest news

End-Of -Life Notification (Navigil MBBA01 – Battery Beacon, Black)
End-Of -Life Notification (Navigil MBBA01 – Battery Beacon, White)
City of Helsinki Service Centre, Healthoperator Ltd and Navigil Ltd collaborate to improve the quality of life of social care dementia customers
Navigil expands availability of wearable telecare solution in the UK
Navigil expands market reach with a roaming agreement with BT
Navigil announced the Navigil S3 safety wristwatch
End-Of -Life Notification (Navigil TG2 SDK for TD230 and PT220)

End-Of-Life Notification (Navigil PT220)

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