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S1 Wristwatch


Navigil S1 wristwatch is designed for persons suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, persons with long term conditions, persons with learning difficulties and those working alone.


Easy to deploy


Navigil S1 comes with a SIM card pre-installed – simply select appropriate end user profile and configure the phone numbers and Navigil S1 is ready to go. Navigil S1 has profiles for various type of end users. Tracking profile with automatic location alarms is for persons suffering from dementia. Auto, easy and full profiles all feature single button help request calls. Richness of the user interface in each profile is matched to the dexterity and capabilities of the end user. Easy and full profiles feature speed dial calls. All profiles are enabled to receive phone calls.

Long battery life


Due to advanced power saving modes of the hardware and intelligent power management of the firmware, Navigil S1 can operate up to a week on a single charge while being always registered to the GSM network. In tracking mode location reporting interval is adaptive based on detected end user activity level. Navigil S1 can be easily charged even by persons with poor dexterity using a charging dock.

Intelligent embedded firmware


Navigil S1 can be easily tailored to match a particular use case by changing parameter values. Firmware, profiles, configuration, parameters, speed dial lists can be upgraded and changed over-the-air. Statistics reports include information on user’s time in very active, active and non-active states as well as user’s whereabouts room by room during a day.

Navigil S1 firmware has industry benchmark safe zone functionality. Safe zones can be defined as polygons with up to 4.000 corners or as circles. Each safe zone can be associated with a validity period. For example a small area around a home is always considered safe, a larger area safe during day time and an even larger area safe once per week to visit an event. A safe zone can include several areas.

Additional products


Mini beacons

The mini beacons provide at home / out of home information of dementia patients in addition to optimizing Navigil wristwatch battery life. The mini beacons additionally provide indoor locations information for room by room statistics. The daily patterns of Navigil wristwatch user’s whereabouts by each room can be used to uncover a change in user condition. Preventive action can be taken prior increase of care cost due to collapse of user’s wellbeing.



Navigil offers different strap options including a lockable dementia straps and elastic straps.