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  • Guest blog: 14.8.2019

    THE FUTURE LOOKS GREAT – AND GREY   Last time I saw Fonzie on television, he looked a bit overweight and his grey hair wasn’t combed back with pomade anymore. The Fonz,…

  • Guest blog: 2.7.2019

    Midsummer evening in a hammock The weather is treating us well in this Midsummer evening in Finland. I’m lying in a hammock between two birches and admiring the green leaves of the…

  • Press release: 12.6.2019

    Navigil enables independent life for memory loss patients in Helsinki   The City of Helsinki’s Service Centre together with the Social and Healthcare Department utilises Navigil’s solution to improve the quality of…

  • Guest blog: 11.6.2019

    Years full of life or just life full of years?   The saying that 60 is the new 50 reflects one of the biggest changes in modern society. The population as a…

  • Press release: 11.6.2019

    Navigil unveils a new AI powered wellbeing solution for active seniors   Navigil Suite is a complete wellbeing solution that includes Navigil 580 wristwatches and Navigil Service for active aging persons. By…

  • Press release: 27.2.2019

    End-Of -Life Notification (Navigil MBBA01 – Battery Beacon, Black)

  • Press release: 21.12.2018

    End-Of -Life Notification (Navigil MBBA01 – Battery Beacon, White)

  • Press release: 12.6.2018

    City of Helsinki Service Centre, Healthoperator Ltd and Navigil Ltd collaborate to improve the quality of life of social care dementia customers

  • Press release: 1.3.2018

    Navigil expands availability of wearable telecare solution in the UK

  • Press release: 27.2.2018

    Navigil expands market reach with a roaming agreement with BT