Press release: 12.6.2018

Espoo, Finland – June 12, 2018

The prime functions of City of Helsinki Service Centre include the provisioning and development of wellbeing services as well as supporting aging in place at home with innovative and personalized care services. Healthoperator Ltd supported by Navigil Ltd is delivering the telecare tracking technology and related services used by Service Centre.  This two-year contract was awarded to Healthoperator in June 2017 based on a public tender.

Safe and confident mobility

” The independent and safe mobility has been a prime design criterion when we defined the requirements for the awarded contract. We did not start with an aim to reduce costs but with the goal of improving the quality of life of our social care customers. We want that social care customers feel safe and independent and that we provide peace of mind to their family and friends” says Riitta Laanala, Head of telecare and wellbeing services, City of Helsinki Service Centre.

Preventive care

We have customers whose needs can be served with a door exit alarm, however there are many whose needs are more demanding. When an active person no longer remembers where home is, we can use a service with tracking capability. A mobile telecare solution with location capability brings wellbeing benefits; when customers have the courage to remain mobile despite of the dementia they also retain their capability to independently manage their life longer” sums Laanala up.

Personalized service

It is a huge benefit that the settings of the tracking function can be tailored to match individual needs. We have customers who manage their daily shopping fine but occasionally forget where home is. Some customers can wander as far as 10 kilometres away from home safely whereas for some customers the day time safe zone must be defined much smaller with even more stringent settings for night time. The possibility to place a phone call to the tracking telecare wristwatch is extremely useful; sometimes by calling the telecare wristwatch we can persuade the person to return home and avoid sending a search party to pick the person up”, continues Laanala.

Smooth-running collaboration

”Healthoperator strives to be an one-stop-shop technology partner for care providers. The goal of our rapidly expanding service portfolio is care process digitalization that enables provisioning of high-quality customer centric care effectively. The smooth-running and seamless collaboration with Service Centre and Navigil has been an important enabler for reaching this goal. Development and implementation of new technology has been running smoothly with good partners” says Riitta Tiuraniemi, CEO of Healthoperator.

Independent Living saves costs

“We support care providers in their quest to enable meaningful and safe aging in place despite of increasingly aging population’s demands on scarce care resources. Independing living at home and preventive care enabled by monitoring of person’s wellbeing significantly reduce the social and health care costs. The collaboration with City of Helsinki Service Centre and Healthoperator is a fine example of innovative development of care services”, says Matti Räty, CEO of Navigil.   

 The municipal enterprise Service Centre consists of catering services and telephone and wellbeing services. We provide high-quality catering, telephone and wellness services that are tailored to the specific needs of our different customers. Currently, we ensure our customers’ well-being and safety in over 500 locations with a highly skilled staff of approximately 1,600 professionals. You can meet us all around Helsinki e.g. in schools and other educational establishments, day care facilities, hospitals and health centres, retirement homes and private homes.

HealthOperator is a service innovation company, that provides easy and reliable remote monitoring services for healthcare and personalized wellbeing and illness prevention for different target groups. For business’ and public organizations, we’re the technology partner providing all the ’in-home’- technology. Our services include installations, maintenance and upgrading, all fast and reliably so that healthcare providers can concentrate fully to care.

Navigil offers white label and OEM personal safety and tracking services and devices for telecare service, lone worker support providers, and to mobile network operators. Navigil’s products are used in over 30 countries worldwide. Customer support, development and assembly of devices are at the Navigil headquarters in Espoo, Finland.      

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Navigil Ltd., Heidi Lehtinen, VP Sales and Marketing,,
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HealthOperator Ltd., Riitta Tiuraniemi, CEO,,
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