Press release: 1.3.2018

Espoo, Finland – March 1, 2018

Stylish Wristwatch Packed with Mobile Phone, Location and Activity Monitoring Features

Navigil, a specialist in white label telecare and personal safety solutions, has unveiled a partnership with Elmbridge Borough Council in the UK.  The partnership makes Navigil’s Rafael service and wearable personal safety wristwatches available to clients in Surrey and parts of London under the ST Pathfinder brand. Navigil and Elmbridge Borough Council have ensured that by working collaboratively with Mole Valley Borough Council and Surrey Telecare, a solution has been brought to the market that represents customers’ requirements.

Rapidly growing cost of elderly care may become unbearable unless independent living at home can be extended. At the UK scale Navigil’s solution can save 5 billion pounds sterling of social and healthcare costs annually. Activity monitoring can be used to identify persons whose condition is on a downward trend. Early detection and implementation of corrective actions reduces care costs and improves quality of life while providing peace of mind to family, friends and professional care providers.

“Most telecare products currently in the market resemble devices used in a hospital setting, labelling their users as patients,” says Matti Räty, CEO at Navigil. “When developing the S3 we focused on improving utilization of mobile networks in rural areas by adding 3G capabilities to the wristwatch, while keeping the ultra-low power technology and telecare specific features in a stylishly designed analogue watch with real watch hands. Our customers also asked us to add an activity level display in the Navigil S3 to enable users to see their progress on achieving their daily activity target.”

Councillor Mrs Ruth Lyon, the Portfolio Holder for Social Affairs in Elmbridge Borough Council, says: “ST Pathfinder gives people the freedom to go out-and-about, whilst providing piece of mind to a family member or carer. If you know someone that would benefit from this technology, then please get in touch with the Elmbridge Borough Council Community Alarm team who will be able to assist you”.

The Navigil solution consists of a mobile telecare wristwatch with 3G/2G phone, GPS tracking and activity monitoring features. It is supported by mobile communication, location and management services that enable a blended care model and optimal use of scarce care resources. With a single press of a button the Navigil S3 or S1 places an alarm call and sends a location report. The Navigil Rafael service routes the alarm calls to either a designated family member or in case of Elmbridge Borough Council customers to Mole Valley’s 24/7 alarm receiving centre.  Navigil S3 and S1 can also automatically send an alarm with location information if the wristwatch user leaves home or exits designated safe zone or when the user is immobile for a longer period of time.

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