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S3 Wristwatch


Navigil S3 wristwatch is designed for persons suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, persons with long term conditions, persons with learning difficulties and those working alone.

Several use cases


The Navigil S3 wristwatch is designed for those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. It enables extended independent and safe living at home. Cost of sheltered care is typically 1.000 Euros per week – the S3 pays for itself in a few days while providing peace of mind.


Navigil S3 wristwatch has been designed for elderly persons who wish to stay active and keep track of their wellbeing. As a by-product of the activity monitoring changes in the daily activity level and pattern can be detected and corrective actions can be taken prior to the deteoriration of wearer’s condition.

Lone Worker

The Navigil S3 wristwatch has been designed for lone workers who may face a situation where they need help during their work day. The mobile phone function of the Navigil S3 can be used to make amber alert call in order to make a preannouncement call to record forthcoming entry to a dangerous location and to make a red alert call to get help in an emergency. Possibility to call for help significantly increases worker safety and reduces accident related sick days.


The mobile phone function in Navigil S3 can be used to make a help request call and to get help within the golden hour in an emergency. Navigil S3 can also automatically make an alarm if the wearer is immobile during the day for an extended period of time. Timely help can save weeks of time in hospital while improving patient outcome. Help is just one press of a button away.

Cognitively impaired

The Navigil S3 wristwatch has been designed for persons who may face a situation where they need help in order to manage their daily life independently. Wristwatch wearer can safely go about with the knowledge that caregivers are only one phone call away. Caregivers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the loved one is always reachable and if necessary locatable using the Navigil S3.

Color options

Additional products


Mini beacons

The mini beacons provide at home / out of home information of dementia patients in addition to optimizing Navigil wristwatch battery life. The mini beacons additionally provide indoor locations information for room by room statistics. The daily patterns of Navigil wristwatch user’s whereabouts by each room can be used to uncover a change in user condition. Preventive action can be taken prior increase of care cost due to collapse of user’s wellbeing.



Navigil offers different strap options including a lockable dementia straps and elastic straps.