Press release: 21.2.2018

Espoo, Finland, February 21, 2018

The Navigil S3 is a safety wristwatch for seniors as well as vulnerable and cognitively impaired persons. It enables families and societies to save massive amounts in social and health care costs while improving quality of life and providing peace of mind.

Navigil, a specialist in white label personal safety and tracking solutions has announced the Navigil S3 safety wristwatch for seniors, vulnerable and cognitively impaired persons. It is an upgrade to Navigil S1, a success in more than 30 countries worldwide. Both S3 and S1 wristwatches are made in Finland, and they feature an analogue Swiss watch movement.

Telecare 2.0, powered by Navigil

Rapidly growing costs of elderly care may become unbearable unless independent living at home can be extended. The Navigil S3 uses sensor and location technology to monitor and report a wearer’s daily activity level and routines. It is possible to detect a S3 wearer with an underlying health problem and to avoid hospitalization before the condition deteriorates. When corrective actions are taken early enough, costs are minimized and quality of life maintained. For instance, the UK could save 5 billion pounds sterling annually in social and health care costs.

With sophisticated and easy-to-use technology, Navigil S3 supports a blended care model for getting timely assistance. When necessary, the wearer can easily contact either family members or an alarm receiving centre, directly or in a prioritized and secured sequence. The call is automatically connected to the next contact if there is no response. Additionally, the Navigil S3 is a lifesaver for memory loss patients by real-time location tracking and GPS geofencing capabilities. Moreover, it enables AI-based predictive care driven by wellbeing and activity monitoring.

“At Navigil, we are committed to enhance senior citizens’ quality of life while providing peace of mind to their beloved ones. We enable families and societies to save massive amounts in social and health care costs”, says Matti Räty, CEO of Navigil. “We have proven that by investing in the Navigil solution on Monday, ROI will be met by Thursday”.

The Navigil S3 empowers the wearer. For individual users, it is packed with smart features such as an activity sensor. The wearer can see what percentage of a daily activity target he/she has reached. This may encourage a more active daily lifestyle and assist in rehabilitation after trauma events.

“We expect that our active customers will be pleased to wear a stylish wristwatch such as Navigil’s S1 and S3 – they have been waiting for a device that doesn’t label them as a person in need of help. The device is a powerful tool that enables us to strengthen our leading market position in data-driven and secure homecare and wellbeing services”, says Mr. Aki Kuivalainen, CBO, Stella Kotipalvelut Oy in Finland.

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Navigil Ltd. offers white label and OEM personal safety and tracking services and devices for telecare service and lone worker support providers and to mobile network operators. Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Navigil’s products are used in over 30 countries worldwide.