Press release: 15.6.2021

Navigil’s Wearable Wellness Solution Winning New Customers Worldwide


  • Navigil, a leading provider of wearable wellness solutions, has appointed Mike Hemmings as the VP, Global Sales, starting on June 1, 2021.
  • Worldwide, Navigil is winning new customers with thousands of units to be deployed, benefiting from its technological front runner position with LTE-M, investing in sales and support capabilities, and working closely with leading telecare and telehealth organisations, health insurers, and telecom operators.
  • New UK subsidiary is active with large customer projects spanning centralised and local government, insurance companies, private pay elderly monitoring companies and sheltered housing providers.


Navigil, a leading specialist in white label wellness and personal safety solutions, is witnessing a surge in remote monitoring for preventative care. To ensure sufficient sales and support capabilities, the company has appointed Mike Hemmings as the VP, Global Sales, based in the UK. The company has also established a UK subsidiary that will be progressively resourced to meet growing market demand.

“I am delighted to be heading up Navigil’s global sales efforts. Our leading-edge technology places us in an excellent position as more and more elderly people seek the comfort of safe and secure living at home so remote monitoring is becoming more popular than ever. There is an increasing pressure on the social care system for preventative care solutions driven by technology. Over the last 12 months, the pandemic, as sad as it has been, has served to heighten the need for technology enabled care,” Mike Hemmings says. He has overseen sales in the UK and Ireland since 2018.

“Our UK subsidiary is already engaged with numerous important new customers. We are working closely through their respective pilots and the medium-term outlook is very solid. The UK’s telecare sector is excited about Navigil’s new 580 product development which delivers a stylish wristwatch packed with easy to use features and a market leading battery life,” Hemmings tells.


Navigil Starting Large Scale Pilots and Benefiting from Early Investment into Future Proof Technology

Navigil provides a comprehensive, AI-powered wellness solution, the Navigil Suite. It supports active aging people who want to enjoy a long independent life. It enables massive savings for the whole society. The solution consists of the Navigil 580 wristwatch equipped with sensors and mobile LTE-M connectivity including voice and automated alarms, and Navigil Service with an easy online dashboard.

“On top of new customers utilizing the product, we have over 50 customers either testing or evaluating our solution. We are starting large scale pilots with major players involving thousands of units in total,” says Matti Räty, Navigil’s CEO.

Worldwide, the low power LTE-M communications technology is the strategic choice of prominent mobile network operators. LTE-M is part of the 5G specification.

“Navigil’s early investment into this technology positions the company as a front runner in the market. As 2G and 3G network technologies near their sunset, longevity can be provided only by future proof technologies such as LTE-M,” Matti Räty emphasizes.


Navigil’s UK Customer Quote:

“One of our focus areas is in providing technology to help carers to remotely monitor and support their loved ones, and automatically inform care teams when help is needed. Therefore, we wanted a solution that was stylish, works everywhere, and integrates easily into our Bridgit carers platform. After much searching, we found that solution from our partner Navigil. With Navigil, we have launched the Bridgit Watch. Combined with the Bridgit app, the Bridgit Watch provides reassurance to both the wearer and the family that wherever, and whenever the user needs support they can get it. We are currently trialling the watch in a number of councils with great feedback.”
Darren Crombie, CEO and Founder, Bridgit Care.


Navigil’s solution features alarm call routing, notification services and wellness trend data analytics. Activity tracking and wireless sensors enable early detection of changes in wearer’s wellbeing and timely corrective actions. Navigil 580 is world’s smallest analogue wristwatch with LTE-M mobile phone, GPS/GLONASS location, activity and wellness trend monitoring and wireless beacon features.


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About Navigil

Navigil Ltd. offers white label personal safety and wellness services and devices for telecare service providers, to wellness device providers and to mobile network operators. Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Navigil’s products are used in over 30 countries worldwide.


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