Press release: 27.10.2021

Navigil Teams with AT&T for U.S. Launch of Wellness Wristwatch


LTE-M Mobile Wearable for mPERS and Wellness Monitoring Provides Longer Battery Life


  • Navigil, a leading manufacturer of wearable AI-powered wellness solutions, helps aging persons to live at home much longer with confidence.
  • Navigil chooses AT&T to enable services across the U.S., completes U.S. certifications and has nationwide cloud services ready.
  • The launch of the stylish Navigil 580 mobile mPERS and wellness tracker wristwatch featuring industry benchmark battery life is a game changer for the mobile mPERS market.


Navigil, a leading specialist in wearable products used by active older adults for wellness and personal safety purposes, has chosen AT&T to enable the launch of its solution in the U.S. Navigil provides a comprehensive, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered wellness solution that consists of sensor-equipped Navigil 580 mobile wristwatches and online dashboards. The wristwatch features emergency messaging and automated alarms with location information. Wristwatches utilize AT&T’s nationwide LTE-M cellular network that has been designed to support Internet of Things applications with lower costs, longer battery life, and smaller form factors.

“We’re excited to be part of a solution that enhances quality of life, extends independent living, and provides peace of mind,” said Joe Drygas, vice president, AT&T Healthcare Industry Solutions. “This wellness monitoring wristwatch is another example of how our technology can help transform lives.”

Battery life is critical for mPERS (Mobile Personal Emergency Response Device) applications as well as remote wellness monitoring. Navigil’s investments into ultra-low power hardware and embedded software design together with the AT&T LTE-M cellular network’s power-saving features, minimize the risk of a drained-out battery. The Navigil 580 battery life is measured in weeks rather than in days. This is in a different category in comparison to regular consumer smartwatches or fitness devices that may require daily charging.


Wellness monitoring prolongs independent and safe living at home

Navigil has implemented Amazon Web Services (AWS) based cloud services in conjunction with resilient private APNs hosted at AT&T data centers in Texas and Virginia.

“It is extremely important that our services are safe and have high availability. In many cases, people using our products depend on them. Because a lot of valuable wellness related information is processed, we have created a reliable and robust infrastructure together with AT&T. It is comprehensive, fault tolerant and secure, as required by our customers and personal data security regulations,” emphasizes Matti Räty, Navigil’s CEO.

“Ultimately, we enable elderly persons to live in their homes with a peace of mind to them and their families. Wellness monitoring features that we have added to mPERS functions can significantly postpone the need to move into a sheltered care facility,” Räty says, “and preventive care can help avoid hospitalization”.


AT&T providing IoT-operations, regulatory certifications passed, worldwide attention

Navigil has built required communication infrastructure services with AT&T. AT&T is providing SIP trunk services for emergency messaging services from the wristwatch to landline and mobile phones in addition to IoT-based operations including mobile data. Doubled direct connect links between resilient private APNs and AWS cloud based services are part of the implemented infrastructure.

Around the world, Navigil is appreciated for its design and technical expertise and the company is presently experiencing huge attention from new customers expressing strong appetite for Navigil 580. “Worldwide, we have a growing number of new customers either purchasing, testing or evaluating our solution. We are now in production with the solution and supplying our European customers. Now that the infrastructure is ready and certification processes are completed, we are starting large scale pilots in the U.S.,” Matti Räty concludes.

Navigil’s solution features alarm call routing, notification services and wellness trend data analytics. Activity tracking and wireless sensors enable early detection of changes in wearer’s wellness and timely corrective actions. Navigil 580 is the world’s smallest analogue wristwatch with LTE-M communication, GPS/GLONASS/beacon location, activity and wellness sign monitoring features.


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Navigil Ltd. offers white label personal safety and wellness services and devices for telecare service providers, to wellness device providers and to mobile network operators. Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Navigil’s products are used in over 30 countries worldwide.


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