Press release: 25.8.2020


Navigil addresses the global surge of remote care for aging people by new units, contracts, and subsidiaries


Navigil started shipments of its comprehensive AI-powered telecare solution in July 2020. The company is also forging new mobile operator contracts and opening new subsidiaries. By these actions Navigil addresses the rapidly increasing global demand for remote care solutions.


Espoo, Finland – August 25, 2020 – Navigil, a specialist in white label wellness and personal safety solutions, starts shipping new Navigil 580 wellness wristwatches. Thanks to new contracts with major mobile operators and recently established subsidiaries Navigil’s solutions will have wider geographical availability. Presence in new countries, the USA and Japan, will enable better local customer support.


Navigil’s latest efforts are in line with the powerful trend to expand remote care, or telecare, in wellness services. Globally, service providers as well as their customers and their loved ones are in dire need for remote care solutions.


“For us, it is absolutely essential to help seniors live independently at home, and simultaneously provide peace of mind for their loved ones and caregivers. We believe that customer demand for good solutions will keep growing. To fill the demand, Navigil’s new smart devices with extensive wellness data and location tracking will certainly be a great step forward. They add value to our services, and we are eagerly awaiting them,” says Kaj Ignatjew, Managing Director from AddSecure Smart Care Oy.


AddSecure operates the alarm receiving centre, and it has cooperated with Navigil for several years. Its customers are mostly municipalities that provide services to seniors and their relatives.


Navigil’s advanced yet easy-to-use wearable wellness technology enables independent living for active aging persons. By offering shared situational awareness of a wearer’s wellness to carers it provides peace of mind, while significantly reducing care costs.


“Mobile wellness monitoring is vital to address the care resource issues that our societies and individuals are increasingly challenged with. Our healthcare and elderly care sector customers are facing rapidly increasing demand for mobile care solutions,“ says Navigil’s CEO Matti Räty.


“As I have expressed before, Share and Care is the philosophy of our empathic engineering team. The foundation for quality of life and preventive care is to share the wellness status and to detect adverse long-term trend changes. These crucial demands can be fulfilled with our most advanced model, the Navigil 580 and Navigil Service”, Matti Räty says.



Navigil Suite – a complete AI-powered wellness solution


Navigil provides a comprehensive, AI-powered wellness solution called Navigil Suite. As a white label solution, customers can brand it for themselves.


The solution supports active aging people who want to enjoy a long independent life while acknowledging the concerns of their loved ones. People can lead an active life safely knowing that they can easily communicate with family members and care specialists both in emergencies and any time of the day.


Navigil Suite consists of the sensor-equipped Navigil 580 wristwatches that collect data and Navigil Service that analyses and presents the data in an online wellness dashboard. Stylish and showerproof Navigil 580 has a battery life of up to four weeks, a pre-installed SIM card, a built-in SOS phone, and location tracking indoors with beacons and outdoors with GPS. Additionally, it features optical heart rate monitoring, and its multiple sensors collect activity and wellness data.


The Navigil Service performs an AI-based analysis of wellness and activity data. The results are consolidated on a user-friendly online dashboard that displays information on the wearer’s wellness. It has extensive reporting and individual customization options such as multiple event-based settings to alert carers on adverse trends. This enables preventive actions prior to severe deterioration in the user’s condition. This saves lots of money in social and health care costs.


The dashboard shows a wearer’s achievement level of the daily activity target. The service analyses short-term and long-term data of the wearer’s activity and wellness. When Navigil Service detects an adverse long-term trend or a sudden change to the worse, it notifies selected carers.


Automatic alarms can be triggered as voice calls as well as SMS, e-mail, and push to App notifications. Service APIs enable integration with external services and alarm receiving centres. Multiple SOS call routing options remain a core functionality of Navigil’s solution.


Deployment of Navigil Suite is fast and easy: Navigil 580 is ready to go simply after selecting a wearer profile and defining phone numbers. Navigil Service activates instantly.

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