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Rafael service: reach, locate and manage

High availability service for individual caregivers and professional care providers!

The industry benchmark Rafael service raises the bar to a new level in the telecare and lone worker segments. The easily configurable reachability service and easy to use management services enable one mouse click deployment of the S1/S3 devices and ensure that the alarm calls are answered either by one of the caregivers or by a monitoring centre. The map view enables fast locating of person.

Intelligent alarm and are-you-well call services

The Rafael service enables caregivers to share the workload of receiving alarm calls using recipient reachability service based on weekly availability calendar and unavailability exclusion periods. If none of the caregivers is reached the help request call can be connected to a 24/7 monitoring center. The Rafael system can automatically create are-you-well calls based on weekly schedule.

Location, log and statistics views

The whereabouts of the assistee and the status of the device can be easily seen in the device home page. The map shows the last known location of the assistee. Route travelled can be shown on the map. The log lists all events including calls, device reports, adhoc queries, geofence and location alarms as well as low battery alarms. Statistics reports include information on user’s time in very active, active and non-active states as well as user’s whereabouts room by room during a day. These enable caregivers to determine if all is well or if an action is required.

Easy to use secure management services

The Rafael service enables caregivers to easily manage over-the-air the device settings such as speaker volume, device profile and home beacon locations. The speed dial phone numbers, are-you-well call settings and reachability service settings can be set in a matter of minutes using the Rafael web browser interface. The Navigil cloud servers are inside a mobile operator grade firewall co-located with the mobile phone network core elements.

Easy deployment and management

The Rafael service is provided SaaS in Navigil Cloud with operator grade SLA. Service provider can easily set correct user rights for users with multi-level user right management or directly use an external authentication to access the Rafael service. With device mass management the service provider can easily change any number of device settings with a click of a mouse and the Rafael service manages configuration delivery to devices over-the-air. Seamless integration between the Rafael service and Navigil devices ensures a secure message delivery.

Key features

• Rebrandable service
• Map, event & alarm views
• Intelligent reachability service for help request call routing
• Extensive alarm notification services
• Over-the-air configuration and management of devices
• Activity statistics, BIG DATA via API
• Support for SCAIP protocol

Key benefits are:

• Fast time to market with rebrandable service
• Fast setup of devices with easy to use UI
• Reachability service balances workload and ensures that all help request calls are answered
• Statistics on level of activity, time in each room
• Saves resources with over-the-air management
• No fixed investment required – SaaS service
• Maximizes device uptime with clear battery warning, alarm and charging notifications

Navigil Rafael service datasheet R1.21